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Our Philosophy on Bee Keeping: Healthy Bees Make the Best Honey

We all know that our honey bees and native solitary bees are in trouble. Huge monocrop farming practices and heavy use of harmful insecticides are a large part of the problem facing the bees.

Here are some things we are doing to help the bees bring you the best honey possible:

We are currently carving out a 21 acre 'haven' for our honey bees and native polinators. Seeking out seeds that are heirloom and are not coated with insecticides to plant in our vegetable gardens. Native and non native, but heavily nectaring plants, grow in our wildflower fields, for the bees to forage. Planting trees that flower at different times during the summertime to provide a consistant supply of nectar and pollen for the bees, and we make sure to leave enough honey behind for the bees to eat all winter.

We do not treat our bees with chemicals. We seek out organic methods like essential oils, food grade mineral oil etc... instead of harsh chemicals that would require us to remove any honey that could possibly be sold on the market.

We do not stress our bees by moving them around to various fields for the collecting of exclusive nectars. Our honey is considered Wildflower. Every hive will bring us a slightly different color and flavor of honey depending on what type of tree and flowers are blooming around them.

We keep our hives out orchards that are being sprayed, however we cannot keep the bees from going into those orchards, and we cannot keep our neighbors from spraying their yards with chemicals, so despite all this work we cannot consider our honey 'organic' and sadly almost no other beekeeper in the USA can either.

We hope you enjoy the fruit of the honey bee's labor. You can follow this adventure with us on our facebook page. Please contact us if you have any questions