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Maxwell's Honey Bee Farm
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est. 2012

Beekeeping Classes and Swarm Removals


Each winter we plan out 2-3 dates to teach a basic beginner beekeeping class. 6-7 hours later your head is ready to explode from knowledge learned but you are prepped with beginning details and given great resources to follow up!

We won't leave you hanging though. We are always around for help and questions! The Wayne County Bee Club will be an incredible resource for you as well. 

       I promise it will be easier on you than poor Piglet down there!






Swarm Removal

Honey Bees generally swarm in April, May and June. A swarm may look scary to you but really, these bees have no home to defend right now and are generally gentle. pPease leave them alone and give us a call. We have had the privledge of picking up swarms all over Wayne and Monroe County!! Now that we have grown our apiary we have the privledge of sending out other beekeepers to grab your swarms!!