Maxwell's Honey Bee Farm

Pure Raw Honey and Beeswax products

Maxwell's Honey Bee Farm
7400 State Street Ext.
Sodus, NY
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est. 2012

About Us

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The Bee Keeping Team: Brent and Beth



How We Got Started

Maxwell's Honey Bee Farm was established in 2012 after two years of beekeeping under our belts. We started this company with 3 very clear goals in mind:

1. To sucessfully keep bees healthy as naturally as possible.

2. To make Raw Honey available and affordable to our neighbors and community at our local farmers market.

3. To teach as many people as possible this amazing craft/hobby!


We are thankful to be able to add a few more goals to our list:

In October 2015 we purchased a 21 acre old apple orchard and are currently working to provide a spray free zone for the bees and also diversifying the orchard with the flowers and trees that honey bees need to thrive. It will take a few years to accomplish this work and then to see the fruit of it, but we think it will be worth it!

In 2015 We started the Wayne County Bee Club. It has grown amazingly with beekeepers who are all willing to share their knowledge and experience.

In 2017 we opened up our beekeeping supply store! We are thankful to be able to help beekeepers get started and to be teaching this craft to others!



I want to thank our friends and community for supporting us and encouraging us along the way!!!