Maxwell's Honey Bee Farm

Pure Raw Honey and Beeswax products

Maxwell's Honey Bee Farm
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Sodus, NY
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est. 2012

Honey and Jam

Raw Honey

There is very little processing to our Raw Honey! We remove the wax cappings and spin the honey out of the frame with an extractor. The honey goes into a bucket where we allow it to settle. In a few days the wax and propolis settle to the top. I will scrape that off and use it for other products. Honey is then bottled! No heat, no filtering. Just honey the way the bees have made it!

We package up our honey in a variety of sizes.

From 8oz @$5.00 to 1 gallon @$60.00 (if available)



Creamed Honey or Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Creamed honey, spun honey or honey butter. You may have heard these different names for this product, and although there is no butter in it this creamy crystallized honey is perfect for spreading on your bread, rolls, fruits, desserts etc.. Unlike regular honey that crystalizes with a gritty texture, I control the crystalization of this honey so that it is very smooth and creamy. No need to refrigerate this product but if it gets too warm you will notice it slowly turning back to liquid honey :)

Creamed Honey $7.00 


 Homemade Jam

I feel like I've been making jam my whole life. My mom taught me when I was a little girl. When we were raising our boys we'd go out and pick lots of fruit for eating and jam making. Now I'm making it for you! I started making small amounts to supplement our meager honey supply in the beginning years of beekeeping. Now our Jam has a customer base of its own! WOW!! I did not see that coming :) I am certified with NYS as a home processer.

4 oz jars @$3.00 8 oz jars @ $5.00