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dipped candles.jpgPure Beeswax Candles

The benefits of beeswax candles have stood for centuries: they don't drip; they burn longer, as well as cleaner than their paraffin and soy counterparts. But, here's a benefit that is not as well known - and the science behind it is almost mystical: The bright flame of a beeswax candle produces the same beautiful light spectrum as the sun. As the candle burns, negative ions are emitted that clean the air and, in turn, invigorate the body. Negative ions are drawn to positive ions. Positive ions hold on to airborne things like dust, mold and odors; the negative ions latch on to the 'contaminated' positive ions and weigh them down this causes the contaminated positive ions to fall to the ground thereby cleaning and purifying the air. A perfect example of this phenomenon is rainstorms. A rainstorm is a negative ionic event, which is why we say the air smells so fresh after a rainstorm. As the beeswax burns it gives off a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, subtle fragrance of a mixture of honey and the nectar of the flowers in the honeycomb. Burn a beeswax candle today and enjoy the full ambiance of light and fragrance all from a natural renewable source.

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We personally burn test all of our candles to get the correct wick to the correct thickness taper or pillar.

It's a tough job... but somebodys gotta do it :)

Once we get several good quality burns, we know it is the best candle we can make. Then and only then do we make and then age the candles  that you will buy.



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