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Raw Honey

The Honey we collect from our hives goes through very little processing. It comes straight from the honeycombs, extracted without heat and into a food grade sterilized bucket. We let it sit, covered, for several days. All the wax and propolis particles float to the top and I can then scrape it off and bottle the honey. That means no filtering and no heating, which is the best way to enjoy your honey.



Most honeys go through a crystalization process. Some crystalize quickly, within a few weeks, and others take months to 'sugar.' This is a natual process for honey, but one that you might not always enjoy. The honey can be gritty, and pretty solid and it just doesn't look good. The easiest way to reliquify your honey is to place it outside in the sunshine. On a warm day the sun will gently warm the honey back to liquid. You can also place your honey (in a glass jar only) in a pan of water on the stove on your warmer burner, set as LOW as possible, (do not let the water in the pan get over 120 degrees!!!) and then turn the burner off and let the honey set overnight. The lower the heat the better as you want to preserve those precious nutrients. Do not microwave your honey.


Creamed Honey

If you don't want to worry about your Honey crystalizing then Creamed Honey is for you! It is a special honey that we make here. The only ingredient.... Honey! We take our raw honey and churn it for an hour or so (like you would churn ice cream) and then chill it. Chilling the honey forces the natural crystalization process. The result of all this churning and chilling is a creamy, spreadable honey that you are sure to love.

cin creamed (2).jpg

 creamed (2).jpg


Our Packaging

We bottle our honey in mason jars. This is not a traditional bottling method for honey, but no one has ever accused us of following the crowd :)

The mason jars we buy for the packaging of honey and jams are all made in the USA. Mason jars can be reused for many years to come, eliminating unnessasary waste and garbage.

God gave us this incredibly beautiful Earth. Recycling is good but reusing is better. 






Honey Comb- This is how our Grandparents ate Honey!

Honeycomb is the most pure, most raw honey you can purchase. The comb is thin and crisp as you bite into it and the honey flows over your tongue to create the sweetest sensation ever!


Honeycomb can be enjoyed alone or paired with fruits and cheese to create a unique and suprising dish that will have your guest raving.


For honeys that exhibit fruit-driven flavors, use seasonality as a guide. In early summer, honeys with delicate flavors (like those derived from wildflower or blackberry) pair wonderfully with fresh, soft cheeses and stone fruit like cherries or nectarines. The deeper, more complex flavors of honeys from the blossoms of fall produce like pumpkin can stand up to earthier, firmer cheeses, and fruit like apples or pears.







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